About Dry Barfly

I’m new here. Fresh on this path toward alcohol-free living. Some days it seems unfathomable, some days it is a relief, every day it is a gift – and who doesn’t like gifts?!

I’m writing to keep track, to hold myself accountable and to fall back to these pages during the rough patches – instead of falling into a bottle of wine.

I am here to relate to others, and to be relatable – to join those who have come before me, and those walking right here with me on this same rocky path!


2 thoughts on “About Dry Barfly

  1. Your brain works just like mine. Congratulations on being over 6 weeks sober. I’m just going through all of your blog posts and we have so many things in common it’s crazy.:)
    My sobriety date is April 15th. I have been keeping myself very busy and have come to love the feeling of being sober! I’m extremely happy. When I got out of rehab I was scared. But now I’m plowing ahead and making new plans for my life! I haven’t posted that much yet, but plan to.
    I always use HALT. It’s such a relief to pinpoint the way I’m feeling and then take care of it without alcohol.
    It’s great to be sober!
    Glad to be following your blog.:)


    • Hi! Welcome! I am so happy that you’re here and for your kind words. I am glad to hear that you are happy! That is one thing that I’ve found with sobriety, too – I am so happy. Who knew?! I truly thought that I would sink into an awful depression without all the happy hours, and evening wine-downs, luckily, that is not the case! It feels fantastic to know that I am taking good care of myself…finally! I have been reading through your posts as well and am excited that we are not only similar brain-wise, but so close with sobriety dates. Again, welcome, and don’t be a stranger! 🙂

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