It Was Sink or Swim

Time has passed quite quickly! It is already December – how did that happen? It was inevitable, I guess.

Thanksgiving came and went and I managed to still have a wonderful time without drinking. I feel like that shouldn’t surprise me at this stage in the game, and yet it does every single time! I like that it still surprises me. It means that I will continue to have things to look forward to, and that no matter how alcohol laden an event used to be, that doesn’t necessarily mean it was more fun!

As we barrel into December,  I can’t help but think how calm I feel about alcohol. If circumstances were different, I probably would be more concerned about the upcoming holiday parties, but as it stands I am more concerned with one million other things. Work has been all consuming and if I’m not in the office I am curled up watching movies and drinking tea (and contemplating all the laundry I should be doing). Going out and mingling or meeting for happy hour doesn’t even sound appealing after a long day, or several days. It’s made me realize that when I was drinking, these events were attended primarily FOR the booze. I’m relieved to be sober because these long days coupled with long nights AND drinking sound like an accident waiting to happen – or at the very least a horrible cold!

These days are all about exquisite self care, not PERFECT self care, but at least paying close attention to it. I am reminding myself to participate in the things I love, even when I want to drink tea and watch movies. I’m embracing my favorite things about the season: candy canes, Christmas music, decorations and giving. Alcohol can find its own way somewhere else.



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