Cheap Thrills

I am back at work today and planning on actually working for most of it! I spent the weekend, and the majority of last week, hibernating. This is the first time since quitting drinking that I have NOT thought obsessively about my sobriety. Thanks, mono! In all seriousness, however, it’s been a welcome respite. As Belle so eloquently puts it, I’m “tired of thinking about drinking.” Hear, hear! I am hoping it lasts awhile.

Today is Day 46 and according to my fancy app tracker device thing, I have saved $465! I concluded that I spent roughly $10/day on alcohol when I set up the app. Some days it was WAY more and some days it was zero, but $10/day on average seemed about right. I absolutely LOVE not spending money on drinks when we go out.

I treated my husband to dinner last night and he ordered a cocktail. It was $14. WHAT?! That is entree-priced. I kept thinking about how Barfly me would have absolutely ordered one, sucked it down and then ordered a beer or cheaper drink – all without a second thought. I would have also ordered an appetizer or something cheap for dinner just to manage the cost. Nobody is winning in that situation. My husband had the one drink, and an entree. Dry Barfly me had an entree and an iced tea. Dinner was under $50 and I was 100% satisfied.

My 60 Day tattoo appointment is fast approaching! I am SO EXCITED. I am nervous because my last tattoo was 14 years ago and I don’t remember it being painful, but I was also 19. Initially, when my friend and I made the appointment, I was nervous about not drinking that weekend. It’s a lovely change of pace – the not worrying, thing. I am also fairly certain that the pain won’t be much of an issue. Older and wiser? Older and more pain tolerant?

Cheers to Monday, feeling rested, and to raising a glass of lemonade and still feeling the celebration.


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