Wings On My Feet

Well, I wrote a whole entry yesterday and then in one spastic click closed the browser instead of hitting publish. So frustrating!

My post yesterday was about the beach and the epiphany I had while basking in the sun and being 100% happy. I discovered that I was enjoying myself without alcohol and that I hadn’t even thought about it. I had great company, a stellar spot in the sun, my sweet little dog and a tote bag full of iced tea, sparkling water, cold brew coffee and snacks. In the past, I’d be drunk by 2:00 p.m. (if not earlier, to be honest) and upon returning home would have napped/passed out for the remainder of the evening. Instead, we left the beach and walked to a local ice cream parlor. After dessert, my husband treated us to dinner and then I spent the evening painting my nails and watching movies. I felt so fulfilled and for the first time less nervous about “forever”.

The closer I get to Day 30, the more comfortable this whole thing feels. I am strangely excited for “the unknown”. That is, sobriety past my first 30 days. I’ve never seen Day 31, but I’ve heard some pretty amazing things.
Today is Day 27 and I am happy and so proud of myself.


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