On Being Kind to Yourself

I started to write yesterday, but then I got distracted. I got distracted because I had set out to make a list of past wrongs and embarrassments that wouldn’t have happened sober, and then I thought, “Why?”

“Why are you re-hashing and making yourself feel bad when not 10 minutes ago you were dancing around the office exclaiming how happy you are?”

The voice in my brain is right sometimes!

So, I saved the draft, closed out of the blog and went back to dancing and drinking coffee and getting shit done. Today I am going to make a list of things I am looking forward to because that is far more worthwhile.

  1. A beach hang out on Saturday! It’ll be the first (almost) 80 degree day of the year. I have a pitcher for ice tea, 5 trashy magazines and a new swimsuit.
  2. My Day 60 tattoo appointment! I’m taking the train to visit one of my best friends and we’re getting tattoos together. It will be a long weekend of pure fun.
  3.  Catching up with a friend tomorrow. We’re meeting at “our bar” and I am mostly just excited to see her. She’s been out of town and doesn’t know that I’m sober, and if I weren’t already this far I might be worried about cracking, but I’m so close to 30 Days. There’s no going back!
  4. I recently went on a mini online shopping spree. My new dress, shorts, pillow cases and sweatshirt should be arriving soon.
  5. I’ve shaved almost a whole minute off my average running pace and I’ve got one race lined up every month until December.

Yes, things are better without alcohol. Yes, sometimes things got hairy and embarrassing WITH alcohol, but that’s okay. I am doing the best I can today and that is what’s important.

Day 22, you’re looking good!


2 thoughts on “On Being Kind to Yourself

    • Thank you for the support! Being sober is a celebration indeed, in spite of the rough days. I’ll take sobriety over MANY an alcohol riddled evening/week/month….!


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