Brut Force

Day 16 is sunny and bright, and it’s Friday. All good (great) things!

I had dinner with my good friend last night, along with puzzling and trashy TV watching. Normally, we’d have split a bottle of wine. Instead, we shared some Alcohol Removed Fre Brand Brut.

It was…weird. I felt weird opening it, I felt weird drinking it and then I got anxious. I longed for my own home, my own couch, and my pitcher full of water with sliced citrus. I had that familiar urge to drink the entire bottle, and quickly. I didn’t drink the whole thing, but when I left my friend suggested I take it because she won’t drink it. Now it’s sitting in my fridge and I hate it. I don’t want to drink it anymore. I feel like I’m cheating! NA beer did not make me feel this “off”.

When I drank alone, it was always wine. My husband enjoys beer and would notice if we bought a six-pack and it was suddenly gone. Wine? He barely knew it was there. It was easy to drink a bottle or bottle and a half without him batting an eye. That is, until he noticed that I was drunk. I doubt it crossed his mind how MUCH I’d consumed to get to that point, though. He’d always say things like, “You need to be drinking more water if you’re going to drink alcohol – it hits you too fast. Make sure you eat, too.” There was always a solution to prevent my drunkenness, but it was never, “Don’t drink 8 glasses of wine.”

So, the brut is in my fridge and I’ve decided I am going to dump it and steer clear of the NA wines. I’m really enjoying my nightly ritual of homemade water – Spa Water, if you will. I don’t need to muck it up with fake wine.


2 thoughts on “Brut Force

  1. Hi there dry and I are close in days alcohol-free. I am on Day 25. Just wanted to say hi and congratulations on your number of days!


    • Hello! Thank you for stopping by and for the congratulations. Congrats to you, too! I’ve started following your blog, so we can be close in alcohol-free days together 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend!


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