The Drinks We Didn’t Drink

Last night I struggled and tried to rationalize with my brain that no, 8 days was not long enough. It was saying. “You’ve proven your point, now go get a drink! Celebrate!”I shook it off, but it responded with, “How does it feel to know you’re NEVER going to have another drink again for as long as you live?” That’s when I started thinking about the 100 days and how, on Day 101, I will be “allowed” to have a drink. I know myself, though, and I know that I won’t want to because if I can do 100 days – why not aim for 200?

I did Sober September a few years ago. 30 Days alcohol free. On the first day of October I competed in a cycling race and proceeded to get obliterated with my team and friends afterward. It was fun at the time, but felt like such a waste. I really want to make a change this time.

Sometimes it feels like I am giving up fun, and celebration and social things and my friends. So much of what I do involves bars and happy hours and drinks and getting drunk. It also feels counterproductive to be drinking so much, considering the other things I do involve running and races and working out and eating healthy. I guess that’s what is different this go around, and that’s why I don’t want to stop after 100 days. I feel the stirrings of change, a change that is only capable of making my life better.


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