Hoppy Dreams

I’m still plugging along – Day 8, today.

I’m apprehensive about the weekend. It’s probably because I have ZERO plans. Typically, a weekend with no plans would involve Netflix, cleaning, dog-walking and day-drinking. I suppose I can day-drink soda water? Maybe I’ll venture out and finally purchase a big glass pitcher so that I can make all sorts of fancy non-alcoholic drinks! Cleaning will probably be much more productive without the day-drinking, too.

I had a dream last night that I was at a bar ordering an IPA. It was so boring! I felt horrible and I wasn’t sure if I should even drink it. It had been force of habit to order, and then I felt like I had to drink it because GOD FORBID I send something back. I was holding the pint glass, my hand was cold, I was contemplative, and then I woke up. It makes me roll my eyes just thinking about it!

I don’t have much to write today. Mostly I’m tired, and wondering when my brain will stop being so busy with thoughts of drinks. It’s so boring!


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